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Our Climbing Training courses cover the principles of tree climbing and trimming and can be tailored for beginner or experienced climbers working in the arboriculture and electrical supply industry (ESI).

Our climbing training is held over one to three days, depending on experience and units to be achieved. Training is held in an off-the-job, simulated environment, where all of the theory and practical
training for the units can be delivered and assessed.


Upon leaving the face-to-face training, the student will return to their workplace to work in the field to build their climbing competence and complete their logbook under the instruction of their suitably qualified supervisor.

Students will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for their nationally recognised units of competency once the logbooks have been completed and verified by both the student’s onsite supervisor and our PST trainers.

Arborist Climbing:

  • AHCARB318 Undertake aerial rescue

  • AHCARB319 Use arborist climbing techniques

  • AHCARB322 Access tree for inspection

ESI Climbing:

  • UETDRVC006 Control vegetation in vicinity of live electrical apparatus from within the tree

  • UETDRVC010 Perform rescue from within a tree in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus

Training centres are located in NSW and QLD, and PST have the ability to conveniently deliver courses at your workplace!

(subject to minimum numbers)

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