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Our trainers are industry experts and will work with you to ensure you have the skills needed to operate safely. They have a wealth of experience as both operators and trainers.



Jeremy is a qualified trainer and experienced close approach industry operator and climber who is keen to share his knowledge with his trainees.

He has been in the utility vegetation management industry for more than 10 years, starting out as a groundline worker, he developed his skills and knowledge to become a close approach vegetation control operator for groundline, EWP and climbing work.


Jeremy is a qualified arborist who enjoys sharing his knowledge and interest in trees with his arboriculture students.  He has a passion for the safety of his students and he further fosters that in his afterhours work as an SES volunteer - Jeremy has been with the NSW SES Tamworth unit for 23 years and has held many positions, including SES trainer.


Jeremy Bridges arboriculture training ESI refresher queensland nsw.jpg

nathan craig



Nathan is an expert in the vegetation management field, with more than 12 years working in the ESI industry in operational and supervisory roles, and 1.5 years sharing his knowledge and skills with our PST students as their trainer.

His forte is ground and EWP work, as well as chainsaw operation and rigging. Nathan has a great interest in tree health is also a proficient climber.

Nathan prides himself in being able to connect with his learners to distil in them safety and skill to be proficient operators in all vocations of the arboriculture industry.

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