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Work safely around powerlines as an ordinary person


This nationally-recognised unit of competency provides students with skills and knowledge to apply safe work practices when working in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus as an ordinary person.

Many industries and/or job functions require this course for site access, licensing and authorisation, for example, construction, civil, vegetation management, telecommunications, scaffolding, rigging, spotter / observer, painting.

PST can work with you prior to your training day, making the course relatable and have job specific discussion points, so your staff can better understand requirements for working safely near powerlines and apply it to their daily duties.

We have a dedicated training facilities in Tamworth NSW and Ipswich QLD, which have training rooms and all the necessary training equipment essential for this course.

We also have the ability to deliver this course at your workplace if that is more convenient. 

(Travel fees and minimum numbers apply).

Work Safely Cover
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